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I'm so happy we've found each other!

Hey there, new friend! I'm Danielle, but since we are becoming better acquainted, you can call me Dani. After spending another quiet Saturday night with my pups - binge-watching a Netflix series, I decided I desperately needed a creative outlet. I'll be the first to admit, I don’t have blogging all figured out, but I thought we could learn and grow together.

I am a Food Enthusiast, with no shame in not missing any meals. I am the girl that dances over a good dish, and brunch is my favorite Saturday activity. Pinterest recipes have become my life's simple pleasure, and I have yet to be disappointed. Because I often struggle with reasonable portion sizing and honestly self-control, I have turned to fitness to aid me in creating a healthy balance. Confession of a Shoe-aholic, I have 169 pairs and counting! And yes, they all fit! I literally just cannot help myself, and have a justifiable explanation for each pair. I bet my dad just shook his head as he read that sentence. Monthly shoe subscription sites are the best and worst things I have discovered. It's something about sitting in my shoe closet, that just makes me feel like I can concur the world. Whether I'm going for comfy or a night on the town, I know I have the perfect shoe for any occasion. It's better to be prepared, right?! Traveling the world is what I desire most out of life. I began planning my retirement vacations when I was twelve, but for now I will satisfy my cravings as a Weekend Wanderlust. I have a go bag in the trunk, not like "a baby's coming" or "I'm a secret spy", but, "Yes, I'd love to accompany you on vacation and yes, my bag is already packed". Over the course of the next two years, I plan to see the twenty-eight states, I have yet to grace with my presence. I would love to have visited every country by the time I'm….let's say forty. That seems reasonable, right?! 

If you are a lover of good eats, staying fashion forward, and seeing the world, you'll feel right at home here. May this site serve as your personal cheering squad, your accountability buddy, and your inspiration to be the best you. My favorite topic is travel, if you're ready to explore, dive in.

XO, Dani

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